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Testing Our Resin Bound Systems

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Strength test


It’s important to test the flexural strength of the system by FeRFA guidelines, to ensure it can withstand force. View the results by clicking the link below.

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Flexibility test


We put the flexibility of our resin bound aggregates through their paces to make sure they don’t crack. Once the sample has reached its optimum bend one way, we flex it the other way to make sure that it doesn’t crack.

Compression test


It’s important to perform a compression test by FeRFA guidelines, to ensure it can bear heavy weight. View the results by clicking the link below.

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weathering system for resin bound


Using an accelerated QUV machine, the aggregates are put through their paces. This machine replicates the harshest and most extreme weather conditions over a long period of time. This means that we can guarantee the durability and the expected lifetime of the product.

Shaling test


Replicating real life situations, we use power steering over the same surface on a sample consistently for 5 minutes. Any residue stone is weighed at the end of the test. The ideal systems have zero residue.

Slip resistance


The pendulum test ensures our permeable paving has optimal skid resistance for the end user.