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Can you have a heated driveway?

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There seems to be a solution for every problem, and yes, you can install a heated driveway! Clients can be inside on a cold, snowy day and not have to worry about waking up early to dig the snow off their drive or get the gritting salt out before leaving for work.

Heated driveways are a fairly new concept but are growing in popularity as they are practical and can melt 2 inches of snow per hour. A heated driveway system is great for your business portfolio and will keep a drive free of frost, ice, and snow all winter.


Can I have a resin heated driveway?

Yes, you can; a resin bound driveway is an excellent choice for a heated driveway. The resin and aggregate are installed over the heating system, and due to the lifespan and durability of the resin gravelled surface, it will not be affected negatively by an added heat source.

You can have a smooth and robust driveway that looks great and avoid any slipping or tripping all year round.


Starlight grey resin driveway with titanium border

How do heated driveways work?

There are two systems for heating a driveway.

An electric system can supply heat directly to a floor, ceiling, or wall panel. A similar concept to an underfloor heating system, they can be installed for inside and outside use and are particularly beneficial if you live in colder areas of the country. Instead of using products such as anti-freeze, which leaves chemicals on the ground, clients can switch on the heated drive and watch the snow and ice melt away whilst staying in the comfort of their heated home.

A Hydronic system is an anti-freeze water solution installed by laying resilient PEX tubing underneath the drive’s surface. The solution circulates via a boiler, commonly placed in a garage, to maintain warm temperatures.

Resin bound installation

Is a heated driveway worth it?

If a client is thinking about installing a new heated driveway and are unsure about making the investment, a heated drive can increase the market value of a commercial or residential property. Heated driveways and walkways for commercial settings are popular and have been in use for 25 years plus as residential homes started trending heated driveways 15 years ago.

As people’s lives become busier, the popularity of a heated driveway is increasing due to saving much needed time on the frosty winter mornings and avoiding slips and falls on icy and slippery surfaces. It also prevents any legal injury concerns for business owners.


Resin driveway materials in Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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