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Enhancing New Build Properties with Resin Bound Installations

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When it comes to creating a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for a new build property, few choices can match the elegance and durability of resin bound installations. Recently, the Dalesway Paving team showcased their exceptional craftsmanship in a scorching two-day project that transformed a new build property with over 250 square metres of resin bound magic. This transformative installation included a resin driveway at the front and resin paths encompassing the entire back of the property. Let’s dive into the details of this outstanding project and explore the captivating features of resin bound surfaces.

Unveiling the Backyard Beauty

grey slate resin bound installations

The highlight of this installation was the impeccable resin paths that beautifully surrounded the back of the property. Skillfully winding between lush grass, trees, and blooming flower beds, these paths led to a generously-sized paved patio, providing the perfect space for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. The resin paths, with their two-dimensional appearance, seamlessly complemented the paved surfaces. This harmony of design elements uplifted the overall landscaping, creating an idyllic atmosphere.

Durability Ensured from the Ground Up

grey slate resin bound installations

To ensure the longevity of the resin bound surfaces, the Dalesway Paving team began by installing the paths on a solid new base. This meticulous approach guarantees that the pathways will withstand the test of time and the rigours of everyday use, even in high-traffic areas.

Front and Back Cohesion

The resin paths at the back of the property perfectly merged into a large driveway at the front, which could comfortably accommodate multiple cars. The result was a seamless connection between the front and back outdoor spaces, adding to the property’s functionality and curb appeal.

Permeability and Low Maintenance

grey slate resin bound installations

The choice of a permeable tarmac base for the resin bound installation was a thoughtful decision. It ensures that water can easily drain through the surface, maintaining the integrity of the installation and minimising the risk of puddles forming on the driveway and paths. Additionally, the permeability factor aligns with modern environmental considerations, contributing to sustainable water management practices.

Furthermore, the resin bound surfaces are weed-resistant, sparing the property owners from the hassle of frequent weeding. This fantastic feature promises easy maintenance for years to come, allowing the residents to fully enjoy their outdoor spaces without the burden of constant upkeep.

Enhanced Safety with Style

Safety is always a paramount concern in any property, and the Dalesway Paving team ensured that the new driveway went above and beyond in this aspect. An extra layer of crushed glass was added to boost the anti-slip properties of the resin-bound driveway, providing an added layer of safety for pedestrians, especially during adverse weather conditions.

The Allure of Grey Slate

grey slate resin bound installers

For this stunning installation, Grey Slate aggregates were selected, adding an elegant and contemporary touch to the outdoor area. Sourced from reputable quarries in the UK, this beautiful grey-coloured gravel exhibits tones of lighter grey throughout, creating a misty slate appearance that captivates the eye. The versatility of Grey Slate makes it the ideal choice for pathways and driveways, complementing modern architectural designs and transforming any home or garden into a visual marvel.

Trusted Partners for Perfection

The success of this remarkable resin bound installation wouldn’t have been possible without the high-quality materials supplied by Resin Mill, one of the UK’s leading resin bound manufacturers and suppliers. Resin Mill’s UV-stable resin and Grey Slate aggregates were the pillars of this project, providing the ultimate assurance of longevity and elegance.

grey slate resin bound driveway

Best Suppliers for Resin Bound Installations

In conclusion, the resin bound installation on this new build property by the Dalesway Paving team is a shining example of how a thoughtful choice of materials and expert craftsmanship can elevate the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces. From the charming resin paths that wind through the backyard to the large, modern driveway at the front, every aspect of this project reflects meticulous attention to detail and passion for perfection.

This property is now a testament to the enduring allure and practicality of resin bound surfaces, showcasing the harmonious blend of design and function that is sure to delight the owners for years to come.

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