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Cost of a Resin Driveway?

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The true cost of resin driveways…

Resin driveways are rising in popularity across the UK. They are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of surfacing for domestic drives and commercial surfacing. The impeccable appearance and permeability of the resin, enabling it to be SuDS compliant, makes it easy to see why resin surfacing is becoming homeowners and commercial owners preferred surfacing choice, over traditional methods of paving.

Resin Driveway Cost

The cost of resin bound driveways can be ambiguous because each project is completely different. There are many different variables that may impact the cost of resin driveways. A general guideline for an overlay installation however, is around £50-£75 per m².

The variables involved in determining the true cost of a resin project may include:

The geographic location of the resin drive install

As with any commodity or service, where you are situated in the UK will determine its cost. Living costs and overheads, such as wages, are generally more expensive in the south, in comparison to the north. The economics is the same with resin gravel surfaces. Transport and haulage costs will also vary from project to project dependant on the location.

The size of the area of the driveway

There are fixed costs, regardless of the size, when installing resin drives, such as fuel. Larger installations will allow for economies of scale and so although they will be more expensive, the cost per m² may well end up significantly less than a smaller install. If the prospective area of the resin bound is difficult to access or is awkward to trowel, it will take longer to complete the project. This will therefore increase costs.

The chosen resin gravel colour blend

Different types of aggregates have different prices. These are based on the source of the aggregate, the exclusivity of the aggregate; the size, colour and dimension of the aggregate. Different resin bound gravel colour mixes therefore have different prices.

The quality of the resin

There are a number of different types of resin for driveways on the market. There is UV stable polyurethane resin and then non-UV stable polyurethane resin. To segment that even further, these resins can vary in quality from one manufacturer to another. Non-UV stable resin is more economical than UV stable resin. This is because UV stable resin goes through a longer manufacturing process and is more refined, making it a substantially higher quality product and therefore more expensive. Whilst some colour mixtures allow the use of non-UV stable resin as well as the UV stable resin, which is compulsory on some colours, we would always recommend using UV stable resin for peace of mind.

What vehicles are going on the driveway

For most driveways, the resin is installed at a depth of 15mm on top of the base. Any surface looking holding vehicles above 7.5tonnes, contractors should install at a depth of 18mm. Because the depth of the resin increases with the weight of any vehicles, more material must be used, increasing the cost.

Any base work

The current state of the existing driveway will heavily impact the cost of resin driveways. The quality of the existing base, including: repairs, levelling, preparation work and cleaning, must all be taken in to account. If the current base of either tarmac or concrete is not in satisfactory condition, a new base must be laid. If you already have quality tarmac or concrete on your drive, then you can install the resin bound gravel directly over the top. Qualified, approved Resin Mill installers are the best to advise on whether your driveway needs a new base or not.

Any required edging

You must install resin bound gravel up to a suitable edge. If there isn’t an edge present, the installer will need to create one. This is another costs consideration although some edges are more economical than others dependant on the prospective design. Suitable edges may include timber, walls, bricks or aluminium edging.

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You can get a quote for your resin drive supplies or if you are a homeowner you can get a quote from a local approved Resin Mill installer.