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How resin can create great curb appeal for your customer’s driveways

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Resin bound driveways are highly durable, low maintenance and quick to install, reasons which make them a huge hit with installers and their customers. However, they can create great curb appeal too and here is how:

Stylish aggregates to suit the practical requirements of any project

Porto Fino resin drivewayYou might have a customer who would like a patio for their north-facing back garden, or a driveway for a front garden with overhanging trees, meaning there will be a lack of natural light. However, with light aggregates available, such as the golden hues of Amalfi, or the light greys of Aspen, you can combat the lack of light with a bright and beautiful resin surface.

For customers looking for a pathway running through their garden, or a driveway with lots of surrounding foliage, the autumnal mix of greens and beiges in Ireland Green can provide a stunning finish that highlights the surrounding greenery too.

You might also find yourself with a customer who would like a driveway that will see heavy traffic and as such, they want to keep their driveway free from tyre marks and dirt. Porto Fino expertly masks them both whilst providing a defined, textured appearance.

Enhance traditional and modern properties

Platinum resin drivewayWhether your customer lives in a traditional or modern home, resin surfacing can prove a visually appealing and fitting addition. The gold and tan aggregates of Roman Bronze, for example, add a sense of refinement to all types of property.

For customers who would like to add a contemporary twist to a traditional property, the dark hues of Anthracite allow you to do this perfectly. Sweet Pea, on the other hand, offers a natural golden finish that works wonderfully with traditional properties.

Colour options to suit the exterior of any property

Red resin driveTo ensure maximum visual appeal, any resin surface must not clash with the existing property. However, resin surfacing makes it easy to match the exterior of any property.

For example, the gold and grey tones of Olympus are ideal for stone and rendered properties and others that you find along the coast. The warm mix of golden and red hues from Evening Rose are also perfect for laying near red brick properties, whilst the mix of speckled silver found in Titanium compliments any water or rock features superbly well.

With everything from cool greys to warm browns and beiges available when opting for resin bound aggregate, no matter how the property looks, you can always great fantastic curb appeal.

Decorative edging

grey and silver resin bordersDecorative edging is a wonderful way to define borders between a driveway and garden whilst creating a distinctive, attractive finish. With resin surfacing, there are various complementary aggregates that you can use to create great curb appeal.

For example, combining the bold, tarmac-like finish of Jet Black with Slate Grey will create a stunning contemporary finish. However, there are numerous other complimentary combinations you might try.

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