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Industry-leading resin supplier unveils a new product

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Premixed and bagged aggregates to speed up installations

Huddersfield-based and award-winning resin specialists The Resin Mill is delighted to launch a brand new product that will transform the installation of outdoor resin surfaces.

The first of its kind on the market, Resin Rox consists of dry premixed and bagged aggregates.

The product comes in 24 different colour blends and ensures the perfect shade every time with every bag, making jobs easier and quicker for resin installers.

They will no longer have to spend time finding four different colour and size stone bags to mix to achieve the desired shade for their customer’s driveway, path or patio.

Scott Haley, operations director at The Resin Mill, said: “We are excited to launch Resin Rox, which will not only simplify the resin installation process for contractors up and down the country but also improve the resin-bound surface industry as a whole.

“The idea of premixed aggregates was born after we noticed the gap in the market. We found the mixing of dry aggregates on-site as potentially an area for error and time consuming, leaving excessive waste and taking up unnecessary labour time.”

The new product was two years in the making and has gone through rigorous testing processes. It offers carefully sourced materials that are of the highest standard.

Mixing ratios used for Resin Rox are more accurate than labour intensive mixing bags on-site, that is why installers can expect quality materials in every bag.

Thanks to The Resin Mill’s efficient premixing methods, any waste aggregate is eliminated, making Resin Rox environmentally friendly. It also makes resin projects more cost-effective as well as reduces the number of resources, energy loss and any aggregate bulk waste.

For more information about Resin Rox and other resin bound and bonded products, please visit www.theresinmill.co.uk website or give us a call on 01484 400 855.