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Introducing The New Resin Bound PRO

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Resin Bound Pro For Resin Gravel

Our newly released ResinBound Pro is in response to the market. It is now demanding a superior quality non-UV stable polyurethane resin for resin surfacing.

The resin bound sometimes referred to as “gravel glue” consists of a Part A and Part B; Part A being the polyurethane and Part B being the hardening agent. Traditionally with non-UV stable resins the Part B is extremely dark brown and tar like in colour. This then when mixed with the Part A and added to the aggregate will leave a sticky brown resin residue on your resin bound surface, which when cured will darken and blind the natural beauty of the aggregate. Over the following months, UV light will darken the surface to a degree where you cannot see the natural beauty and colour of the aggregate.

From market research with contractors up and down the UK, discolouration is a big issue, hence releasing the ResinBound Pro system.

What we have developed is an isocyanate formula that is more refined, leaving out coloured fillers.  It is the coloured fillers that encapsulate the aggregate in a non-translucent coating.

reisn mill resin bound vs competitor

The contractor will notice the clarity immediately when mixing the 2 parts together. The Pro series trowels better as it is not thick and sticky. Most non UV resin’s are. Ours offers an all round more forgiving float finish.

Although every non UV resin will taint over time, the Pro series will stay translucent. This means that when the surface starts to weather, it should do so in a uniformed fashion. This will give an all round better looking surface.

Each kit consists of a Part A and a Part B resin kit and 100kg of specialist aggregate, this as an average will cover around 4 square meters at 15mm depth.

To create better looking resin driveways, find out more about our ResinBound Pro or for advice you can contact us on 01484 400 855 or email us.