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Manhole Covers For Resin Bound and Bonded Paving

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Resin Bound and Bonded Paving and Manhole Covers

Manhole covers date back at least to the era of ancient Rome, which had sewer grates made from stone. Manholes come in a variety of shapes, although in the UK they are usually rectangular or square. The USA tends to have circular manholes and in one state they have triangular manholes to show the flow of water. Usually constructed of cast iron or concrete, they are ugly things and can become a reoccurring problem for many homeowners looking to carry out home improvements. However, if there’s a manhole (inset covers or drain inspection chamber) in an area that you are laying your resin paving, there is a solution. You can disguise it and make it look more cosmetic, by creating a recessed cover for it.

resin bound paving manhole covers


FUN FACT: Because of their aerodynamic design, some modern racing cars create enough vacuum to lift a manhole cover off its recess. During races on city streets, manhole covers must therefore be welded or locked down to prevent injury.

Recessed Manhole Cover’s

A recessed manhole cover is an open tray that disguises a manhole in a line of paving. These covers can be built, but more often than not, they are purchased. You can purchase permeable recessed trays but aluminium ones are the more common and can be used for vehicle and foot traffic. There are various ways in which you can conceal these requirements but predominantly when laying resin bound paving, the resin gravel is laid right up to the tip of the manhole and then in the manhole tray. Specialist resin bound gravel manhole covers are something which can often be overlooked during installation process and are one of the factors that need to be considered when planning the design.

resin bound manhole cover


Here are a few other ideas for infilling your recessed manholes:

– Flower beds

– Block paving

– Grass

– Loose Gravel

resin bound pot hole with plant


REMEMBER: If you are looking to go for landscaping or grass options, make sure you use a permeable recessed tray. If not,  it will be high maintenance and will dry out very quickly.

manhole cover with grass


INSTALLATION: In terms of installing resin bound gravel recessed covers, it is very simple. It is a case of laying a cement bed for the cover to be placed on top of.

DESIGN: If laying resin bound paving, the base of the manhole cover is laid with the same resin bound aggregates. This ensures a consistent design and keeps the paving in pattern. An alternative option to blending them in is is to make them stand out as a contrasting feature.

resin in manhole cover for drain


NOTE: However you decide to cover up these unpleasant eyesores, make sure that utility companies can access it. This is because if not, your whole resin drive will have to be pulled up – something I can imagine no one would like to stomach! If you are carrying out any amendments we advise that you confirm ownership and liability beforehand.

When you are getting your resin bound materials delivered, remember to check if you need a recessed manhole lid delivered. The Resin Mill have full stock, so you can have them delivered with your resin materials.