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Here our very own Sales Manager, Mark, gives his:

Top 10 tips for selling resin-bound drives

TIP – Contracts:

Ensure you have them and they are ready to sign. They will include details of costs, provision of labour and materials, possible drawings, a schedule for completion and any changes that have been made.

TIP – Deposits:

Don’t worry about having to take them. It is standard in the industry to take between 10-50% of the project value.

TIP – Samples, samples, samples!:

Samples of the resin you are going to use, samples of the aggregates bound with the resin, (ideally in a professional display case), and samples of your previous work. Honest and reputable resin bound drive installers will strive to gain as many pictures and as much feedback as possible in order to build their reputation.


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TIP – IBG’s:

It is very important to make sure that you have insurance back guarantees so clients can be confident in your work. IBG’s don’t just protect the homeowner but they protect you as the contractor as well during your resin bound drive projects.

TIP – 0% Finance:

Something to certainly think about as it is becoming more and more popular. If you can get it, make sure you do, as it will add to your USP’s.

TIP – Websites – (and a quality one!):

It is important to keep up with the times and get yourself a website so that potential clients can at least see a snapshot of what you are about. If you are going to get a website, which we do recommend essential, a strong domain name is very important, especially to keep your website at the top of search engines when potential customers are searching you. For example, if you had the domain name ‘Resindrivesmanchester.co.uk’ and someone local searched for ‘resin drives Manchester’, your website would show up at the top. This gives you a competitive advantage and is one way of being smart with your digital marketing. It will get you to the top of the searches and will gain you more business. As the industry becomes more popular, the future will see more customers searching the web for trade specific words, ‘resin bound driveways’, ‘permeable paving’ and such like. Although many contractors who move in to resin driveways are well established in other construction trades and have their own company names as their website name, it is still worthwhile adding another domain name with resin driveway keywords in and then re-directing it to the original website.

TIP – Adwords:

If you have a website for your resin drives business, it is worth your while to invest in Google Ad words. You can see all the analytics unlike one of the downfalls of traditional marketing. With Ad words you can monitor and change your words dependent on if they are successful or not.

TIP – Branding:

Make sure you are as branded as possible. This includes branded clothing, websites, social media accounts and paperwork. It’s also important to have signed written vehicles, as they are an excellent source of advertising. Written signage to place outside the resin drive site where you are working is also a fantastic form of advertisement as passers by and neighbours who admire the work can easily contact you to make an enquiry. The sooner you get them up on site, the better. Make sure you don’t forget to include a working telephone number, your website and email.

TIP – Educate :

Product knowledge is critical. Most clients will want to know everything about their new resin driveway before they purchase it. If they are receiving other quotes, some may include UV resin, some may not. Inform your client of the difference between UV resin and Non-UV resin and the applications of both. Differentiating yourself from another company by being more knowledgeable and informed may be the key to the sale.

TIP – Certifications & TA’s:

Make sure you are certified so that your client knows you have had some form of training and that you are not a complete newcomer to the industry. This includes joining supplier approved contractor schemes relevant trade associations for example: ConstructionLine, FeRFA, CHAS, CPA and RICS.