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SuDS Compliant Permeable Paving

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SuDS Compliant Permeable Paving

One of the issues involved in global warming, is that it constructs unreliable weather. Part of this weather change includes an increase in wet weather, with intense rainfall and rapid runoff. To date, every time it rains, our current old ‘Victorian’esque’ drainage systems are progressively put to the test.

The drainage systems were designed to gather up the flow of water as quickly as possible and eradicate it as quickly as possible. Hard impermeable surfaces, such as urban roads and pavements, cause flash floods, because the water has nowhere to drain thoroughly. The flow then runs in to water flows, that it wouldn’t usually, damaging and killing nature in the river, contaminating the water. For obvious reasons has further negative environmental consequences.

When extreme flooding in the UK hit in 2007, it was evident that things had to change. A new method of working with nature was required. We needed to work towards achieving a more sustainable approach of dealing with water. What was evident is that moving forward, a new philosophy was needed. We should be working with nature and not against it, as we had before. The idea is that instead of hiding water, it is to be brought back in to the community through a drainage system. This will slow down the rate of flow via a range of controls as near as possible to the nearest fall source, through infiltration. The conception of slowing down the rate of flow subsequently became to be known as Sustainable urban Drainage Systems, SuDS.


How SuDS Works:

SuDS are designed to manage water as close to the source as possible and tackle excess water run off to reduce pressure on current council drainage systems. Water flows through a permeable surface in to a permeable fill or sub-base where it can be stored, conveyed or allowed to infiltrate the lower strata and re-charge the ground water where there is no risk to its water quality. The term ‘SuDS’ is often interchanged with permeable paving and porous pavement.


The Law:

In October 2008 legislation was passed applying to households, stating that all paving over fiver meter squared at the front of a property, had to be permeable pavement. Anything that isn’t permeable needs planning permission. Resin bound is permeable and so resin bound paving suppliers, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the legislation.

It’s not just global warming and the rain that is to blame. Engineering has added to the problem as we seal and waterproof the grounds when creating cities and urban landscapes. In natural landscapes, the water soaks in to the ground and ends up in the water table, however, if we have paved over it all, the only place for it to go is the drains. Subsequently, the drains become full and overwhelmed, filling up like swimming pools, they cannot cope.


Resin Bound For Permeable Paving:

Resin bound surfacing is one of the primary SuDS solutions. It offers a fully porous solution that is easy to install. Highly cosmetic in comparison to other surfacing materials on the market, it is a fantastic option. It therefore sits under the ‘eco paving’ and ‘sustainable drainage system’ threshold. It is an eco friendly option, which is highly encouraged by The Environmental Agency. This is one of the reasons why resin bound is becoming so popular and you see the rise in resin bound driveways, resin bound paving and tree pits.

If all ground surfacing incorporated porous pavement, then the problems associated with urban flooding, would be reduced. When resin bound material is used in conjunction with a porous sub-base, it is fully SuDS compliant.

All eco paving and resin bound paving supplies can be purchased from us at The Resin Mill. Give us a call on 01484 400 855 to discuss your upcoming permeable paving projects. See how we can help ensure that you are fully compliant.