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The Merits Of Aromatic Resins

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The benefits of aromatic resins

Our best-selling resin, ResinBound Pro has been specifically formulated for mixing with a wide range of aggregates to create beautiful hard-wearing resin bound surfacing.

ResinBound Pro is an aromatic (non-uv stable) polyurethane resin. There is a growing debate within the market place as to when it is most suitable to use an aromatic resin. Although it is not the preferred resin of choice, this short article discusses the merits of aromatic resin:


1) It’s Ideal For Most Surfaces

  – including those subject to heavy foot and high vehicular traffic

Aromatic resins, and in particular ResinBound Pro, are ideal for most surfaces, but in particular those subject to heavy foot and high vehicular traffic, including driveways and pathways. ResinBound Pro has excellent abrasion and impact resistance. This allows it to withstand the pressures of continual vehicle and foot traffic, making resin bound paving the ideal surface.


2) Excellent Product Performance

  – strong and flexible resin

Despite being a high-strength resin, ResinBound Pro also has excellent flexibility, which is vital for performance, especially over time. Its combination of high-strength and flexibility gives it a high-load bearing capacity for tension and compression.


4) Superior Quality & Excellent Laid Finish

  – refined manufacturing process


ResinBound Pro is inherently different to other aromatic resins on the market. The Part B (isocyanate) is much lighter in colour due to its refined manufacturing process, ensuring superior quality and an excellent laid finish.

5) Minimises Application Errors

  – no catalyst required

As an aromatic polyurethane resin, ResinBound Pro does not require additional catalyst to be added onsite, which reduces onsite labour and potential application errors when laying resin bound paving.


6) More Cost Effective

  – more economical than aliphatic resins

Aromatic resins allow UV light to pass through and are so manufactured at a lower cost. This makes them ideal for the price conscious customer.