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Top 10 Grey Resin Driveway Installations

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Grey is one of our most popular resin driveway colours. It looks sleek and sophisticated and you can make it look as indiscreet or as statement-like as you require. It is a solid choice for modern buildings, although it will go with any type of property.

Our grey resin-bound colour mixes are Aspen, Platinum, Slate Grey, Starlight and Titanium. They range from lighter to darker shades of grey and silver, with all of them undergoing rigorous quality checks.

In homage to our contractor’s favourite resin drive colour, we have chosen some of our favourite grey resin bound installations to share with you and offer inspiration:

1. Grey Slate driveway for Sandbanks

grey resin gravel in Sandbanks

With its idyllic mix of dark grey with light grey hues dotted throughout, this Slate Grey driveway was the perfect accompaniment to this impressive Sandbanks’ home. Its naturally appealing colour will last too because it comes with a lifetime colour lock guarantee.

2. Titanium driveway on a contemporary property

light grey titanium driveway on modern property

Titanium is a harmonious, modern blend of speckled silver stones, which works beautifully with contemporary architecture. It is also renowned for its compatibility with green borders, which is strikingly evident from the example above.

3. Starlight driveway for anti-slip on a bungalow

Starlight antislip driveway for a bungalow

Our Starlight resin mix is the combination of jet black stones with silver flecks, the latter giving a touch of sparkle to the mixture. It looks especially impressive when laid over large surfaces, as you can see from the anti-slip driveway surface above.

4. Starlight resin driveway with a Titanium border

Starlight grey resin driveway with titanium border

One of the best things about our grey resin driveway aggregates is that they can be combined together to create distinctive resin surfaces. In the case of the above, the Titanium border beautifully frames the Starlight driveway to create a fitting and aesthetically pleasing finish.

5. Long Titanium driveway with a Starlight border and brick drop kerb

Long titanium driveway with starlight border and brick drop kerb

In a role reversal from the previous example, Titanium is combined with a Starlight border. However, the end result is equally impressive. Plus, the resin surface is combined with a brick drop kerb to create an attractive blend of contemporary and traditional architecture.

6. Starlight looking great against red brick

Starlight driveway against red brick home

This particular example shows the incredible versatility of our Starlight resin aggregate; it perfectly complements the rich and traditional red brick exterior of this home whilst leaving the owner with a hardwearing and low maintenance surface to use as they please.

7. Grey resin driveway contrasting a white house

dark grey resin driveway

One of the other benefits of grey is that it’s a neutral shade. So, even when a grey driveway is in contrast with the surroundings like it is with the white house above, the result is still a stylish finish that works.

8. House number in darker grey in Titanium resin drive

silver grey driveway with house number

The light hues and modern feel of our Titanium resin aggregate work incredibly well with most colours and design patterns, including when contrasted against a dark border. It can even have house numbers integrated within the surface to create a unique feature.

9. Light grey resin bound aggregates to compliment condo

light grey resin drive on contemporary condo

This modern condo needed a contemporary driveway to provide the perfect complement. So, what better way to do so than with this unique blend of light grey resin aggregates that is the epitome of modern style.

10. Platinum driveway with garden feature and contrasting brick border

Platinum resin gravel driveway

Created by blending a carefully chosen mixture of stylish dark tones and lighter hues, Platinum looks fresh and appealing. It also works very well with dark aggregate colour borders as it does with the beautifully constructed black and white brick border above.

Grey resin driveways, patios and pathways from the UK’s leading resin bound suppliers

If you would like a grey resin driveway, patio or pathway installed by an approved contractor in your area, or you would like resin driveway training, please contact us online or give us a call on 01484 400 855.

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