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What happens if you spot buy raw materials for resin

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What happens if you spot buy raw materials for resin bound?

Has anyone ever noticed any differences in the colours of their part A resin from certain resin bound material suppliers? We’ve all had it when you have some resin left over from one job and have it stored safely, ready to use on another job. You then order any additional resin kits in order to fulfil your upcoming project.  All appears seemingly well and you begin your install by removing the lids from the resin tubs, only to find some of part A’s seem to be different shades.

Why does this happen?

Some resin suppliers spot buy the polyol that is used in the part A of polyurethane resin. This means that they don’t just have one polyol supplier. Different manufacturers of polyol can have slight differences in the polyols they make. This is similar to the following situation: If you were to buy a bright white paint from Dulux and a bright white paint from Valspar, they are technically the same thing, but because they are from different manufacturers, they can have slight differences. It is the same when purchasing polyol. What it means for the resin, is that different part A’s can potentially have different colours. This can therefore be unsettling when the colour of resin should actually be consistent when you are buying it from one supplier.

Pedigree suppliers will be able to forecast well in advance the amount of polyol that is required for the manufacture of their resin, for years to come. Therefore having continuity of supply from one supplier and resin material that is always consistent.

Shortages & fluctuating prices

Some resin bound material suppliers do not only just spot buy the polyol; they spot buy other raw materials too. With shortages of the raw material ‘HDI’ coming in the next quarter, (HDI is essentially the aliphatic part B), some companies who spot buy will not be able to secure the chemical for the manufacturing of their resin supplies. Often when there are shortages in materials, the price of the raw resin bound materials can rise.

The Resin Mill do not spot buy. We have a secure supply chain built on strong relationships and we are completely secure in our supply of HDI. Our supply chain allows us to manufacture premium quality resin every time. When installing resin from The Resin Mill you will achieve constancy every time.