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What Makes Resin Rox Better Than Individual Aggregate Bags?

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When installing resin driveways, weighing up the pros and cons of each material is essential to see how they impact your business and the client’s project.

We saw a gap in the market to help installers of resin-bound surfaces. Mixing gravel on-site was an area that needed improving, it’s time-consuming, left excessive waste and took up unnecessary labour time costing a project more. We recognised how we could improve the resin-bound industry and that’s how our Resin Rox product was born.

Let’s look at our Resin Rox and see how it can benefit your business over individual aggregate bags.

What is Resin Rox, and why is it better than traditional gravel bags?

Resin Rox is our own branded, preblended and bagged aggregates, produced specifically for resin-bound with resin installers in mind. It comes in 26 unique colours, giving your clients plenty of options to choose from.

Our premixed aggregates offer a perfect colour match with every bag, which allows for smaller amounts of aggregates to be used, particularly for manholes and decorative resin boarders.  This saves time, effort, and money.

Resin Rox can also be used with our resin Quarter Kits, where one kit covers 1m2 (at 15mm) when mixed with a 25kg aggregate bag. This is especially good for small areas left at the end of the job as installers can tailor their mix unlike with individual aggregate bags, saving them money and cutting aggregate waste.

Aggregate Bag for Resin Driveway

What are the benefits of Resin Rox?

Premixed aggregates for resin-bound surfaces are highly beneficial to driveway, path, and patio projects. We have an extensive list of advantages to using Resin Rox, which we think everyone in the resin-bound industry can benefit from, but here are a select few:

  1. Quality-controlled aggregates reduce product waste

All our bespoke premixed aggregates are supplied with complete Resin Mill approval giving consistent quality. Our mixing ratios are far more accurate than labour-intensive gravel mixing on-site, eliminating mistakes, and making stock management more manageable.

Whether you need pallets worth of aggregate for a driveway or small bags worth for a footpath or patio, our preblended Resin Rox gravel product will make any installer’s job easier from the outset thanks to our innovative mixing processes.

  1. Resin Rox improves project installation time efficiency

The delivery of premixed aggregates cuts down your time-on-site and labour hours compared to using individual gravel bags. This will especially be the case for large commercial projects like car parks and communal courtyards. Investing in premixed solutions like Resin Rox allows installers to lay resin-bound surfaces faster.

Resin Rox also simplifies the resin installation process, eliminating the need to sort out heavy individual stone bags into piles of four before the job even starts. No more piles mean a faster installation and a larger workspace for you and your team.

  1. Resin Rox is environmentally friendly

We have carefully sourced our stone, mined from the finest quarries across the UK and Europe to ensure your customers are getting a product that is 100% natural.

The outside of Resin Rox is just as environmentally friendly as the inside. The packaging is made of post-consumer recycled materials and can be further recycled after use.

Aggregate Bag for Resin Driveway

Premixed aggregates for resin-bound surfaces

The Resin Mill is a leading trade supplier of resin-bound surfacing materials. Whether you’re looking for resin driveway supplies, a training course, or other resin bonded materials, we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 01484 400 855 or use our online contact form for more information.

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