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resin bound stone sealer

The Resin Mill is proud to introduce their latest product, Resin Bound Stone Sealer – a two-part polyurea product specially engineered for indoor resin bound surfaces. This solvent-free, unpigmented sealer offers a host of fantastic features, establishing it as the top choice for any indoor resin bound project.

Resin Bound Stone Sealer has tremendous UV resistance, ensuring that it won’t yellow over time and your surfaces retain their original colour. It also sets quickly once applied – you can walk on the surface in just 45 minutes (depending on conditions) – making it ideal for indoor projects that need to be completed in a timely manner.

The Stone Sealer is extremely hard-wearing and creates an incredibly strong bond between the stone and the resin bound surface without compromising its flexural strength.

When compared to other products on the market, Resin Bound Stone Sealer stands out as the clear winner thanks to its long working time and fast curing capabilities.

With Stone Sealer you get superior results every time whether you’re working on domestic or commercial indoor or outdoor projects – from bathrooms and kitchen floors to spas, bars and showrooms, let The Resin Mill help you bring your toughest projects up to scratch!


✔ RAPID: can usually be walked on in 45 minutes after application

✔ FANTASTIC ADHESION: quickly develops an exceptional bond to the resin bound surface

✔ EASY: resin bound stone sealer is easy to mix and apply

✔ WORKING TIME: long pot life after mixing gives you plenty of time for stress-free application

✔ FLEXIBLE: keeps the flexible characteristics of resin bound surfacing at the same time reducing the risk of cracking


The product should be applied to dry cured resin bound surfaces.

The surface must be clean and free of loose aggregates, laitance, oil and grease.


Pour all of the hardener into the tin of resin and mix slowly for 3-5 minutes, preferably using a flat mixing blade on a drill. Try not to aggressively mix air in with the resin as this will reduce the pot life and trap air bubbles.


The resin bound stone sealer was designed to be applied using a hard rubber grout trowel or squeegee. Then back rolled with a short pile non-shed roller.

A thin coat should be applied ensuring that the material is worked well into pin holes and imperfections so that 100% of the surface has been covered. Avoid leaving excess material to form thick areas.

On some surfaces, a second coat may be required to completely seal all porosity. We highly advise the use of elbow-high gloves when the product.


The stone sealer can be over-coated as soon as it is can be walked on, which is after around 45 minutes, dependent on conditions.


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