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ResinBonded Pro Part A

Resin bonded gravel offers a decorative finish and can transform tired concrete or tarmac surfaces.

Resin Bonded PRO is a polyurethane-based resin product designed specifically for resin bonded aggregate surfacing. Each 20kg kit will cover approximately a 10m2 area. Each resin kit requires 4 bags of 1-3mm stone.

Resin Bonded PRO will give your customer a low-cost, anti slip surface which is quick and easy to install. It is used primarily for footpaths and patios due to its anti-slip properties. It is however a non porous paving solution.

Take a look at our Dried Aggregates page to see the full range of gravel available to use with our Resin Bonded PRO.


Advantages of Resin Bonded PRO for resin bonded aggregates:

  • 2 part polyurethane resin kit
  • Quality resin
  • Specialist resin surfacing suppliers
  • 20kg kit
  • Coverage of 10m2 per kit at 3mm depth
  • Suitable for light-foot traffic, paths, patios, decorative surfaces
  • Made in the UK

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How long do resin bonded surfaces last?

Bonded aggregate surfacing is a durable and long-lasting. When installed professionally by an expert, resin bonded surfaces can last up to 25 years, and with minimal maintenance, there is no need to weed or sweep often.


Bonded vs Bounded Surface

Both bound and bonded surface dressings are used for paths and pavements to ensure the surface is anti-skid and slip-resistant, it also gives it a decorative finish. Both systems use a combination of binders (resin, gravel, or other aggregates). However, the difference between bound and bonded surfacing is the application method. With resin bound surfacing which is hard-wearing and can be used on driveways, the aggregate and resin are mixed prior to application to the substrate. With resin bonded surfacing, the aggregate is spread onto a pre-applied resin ground.

This product contains:

ResinBonded Pro Part A

ResinBonded Pro Part B in larger bottle

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