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spray granite armourguard

Product Details

Introducing Armourguard, an essential component of the spray granite system that offers exceptional protection with added anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Features and Benefits

Available in satin, gloss, and matt finishes, Armourguard provides versatility and style. Armourguard is a two-part, waterborne, acrylic urethane coating, recommended for heavy-duty conditions and environments that require frequent cleaning. It is also ideal for exterior applications where long-term weather resistance is crucial. Its impressive abrasion resistance, flexibility, and exceptional adhesion make it resistant to impact damage that could dent or deform the substrate.

Armourguard finds typical applications in exterior settings that demand long-term weather resistance and colour retention, such as boat hulls and industrial steelwork. It also excels in interior applications, particularly in food factories, dairies, kitchens, and cold stores, where its resistance to cleaning and durability are highly advantageous.


Type Waterborne 2-Part Acrylic Coating
Mix ratio See the label on the tin
Hardener 600×70
Resin Density 1.1 kg/litre
Minimum over-coating time 30 minutes
Maximum over-coating time 36 Hours
Shelf Life & Storage 6-12 months in the original, unopened container. Store in cool, dry conditions
Coverage 10 m2/litre, depending on surface texture and porosity
Solvent Zero VOCs
Colours Clear

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