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Spray Granite HVLP Gun

Spray granite HVLP gun

This premium HVLP turbine was specifically engineered for spray granite and provides unparalleled results. With a stainless steel needle and nozzle of 2.5 mm, this powerful turbine is perfect for all of your granite-related needs.

The fan size is fully adjustable from one control on the side of the gun so you can choose from a circle to a wide pattern or anywhere in between.

Plus, the non-bleed design means air only passes through the gun when the trigger is pulled. This includes quick change filters that make changing over to another pattern easy and efficient rather than an arduous task.

The level of control offered by this particular HVLP turbine is second to none, due to its tailored engineering specifically for granite spraying. You can achieve detailed and intricate patterning with ease thanks to its precision capabilities, as well as maintaining consistent coverage throughout every application giving you optimal results every time. Whether you’re an expert or novice at granite spraying, this HVLP spray gun ensures that your project looks absolutely flawless regardless of complexity level.

In addition, the improved control makes it much easier to avoid any potential overspray or mess. The sleek design also offers enhanced manoeuvrability which adds further convenience when aiming for those tight spaces!

This unique spray gun for spray granite guarantees great results on every project – its advanced features give it maximum efficiency without compromising on quality so you get professional finishing every time! With an array of adjustable controls and convenient features like quick change filters, this specific model easily stands out from traditional spray guns and surpasses most similar products on the market today – ensuring nothing but outstanding results no matter what your needs may be!

spray gun hvlp for spray granite

Spray HVLP Gun comes complete with

HVLP suction gun
2.5mm needle/nozzle
7.5m hose assembly + 2m whip
Viscosity cup
Wrench | Wet film gauge
19pc cleaning & maintenance kit
Pressure pot assembly kit


MWP 0.66 bar | 9.5 psi
Motor 1600 watt
Weight 14.80 kg
Suction cup 1 ltr
Pressure pot 2 ltr
Power supply 110 / 240 volt

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