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7 ways our Quarter Kits can be used (plus the major benefits!)

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What is a Quarter Kit, and why should contractors be using it?

Quarter Kits are our own branded, non-UV and UV resin bound products, which are smaller versions of our popular Resin Bound PRO and Resin Bound UVR Pro. Laid at 15mm, each Quarter Kit typically covers a 1m2 area, making it the go-to product for small areas left at the end of resin driveway installations.

What is SuDS compliant resin bound surfacing?

Short for ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage System’, surfaces that comply with SuDs standards are absorbent. This allows for water to drain freely through the surface to the natural ground or direct it away into a suitable filtration system. In turn, this reduces the burden on drainage and sewage networks during spells of heavy rainfall.

For absolute peace of mind, our Quarter Kits are also ISO 9001 environment certified for the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Other than driveways, what can our resin Quarter Kits be used for?

Offering endless design opportunities, as well as slip, weed, and frost resistant qualities, here are just a few ways our Quarter Kits can be used for resin bound surfacing:

  • Footpaths
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Car parks
  • Cycle routes
  • School playgrounds
  • Commercial landscaping

Quarter Kit standard pro

What are the benefits of The Resin Mill’s Quarter Kits?

Our Quarter Kits are highly beneficial for smaller areas often left at the end of larger installations, delivering the perfect finishing touches to borders, manholes, and other close-quarter installations. This considerably drives down the time, effort, and cost required, providing your customers with consistent quality and performance time after time.

Additional benefits of our Quarter Kits to be aware of include:

  1. Easy to use 2-part hybrid resin kit

The Quarter Kit is exactly what it says on the tub – the same resin bound materials just a quarter of its original size. Consisting of Part A and Part B bottles, the kit is optimised to be mixed with a single bag of Resin Rox preblended aggregates for quick and easy application.

  1. Quality resin materials design out construction waste

The UK construction industry is responsible for producing a huge amount of waste. With this in mind, all of our resin products aim to cut down aggregate waste from the installation stage; saving contractors and builders from having to mix full-sized resin tubs with four bags of aggregates just to cover that last meter. Designed to be mixed with a single bag of Resin Rox preblended aggregates, product waste is considerably reduced. Streamlining stock management systems with ease, and less waste reduces expenses too.

  1. A wide range of colours

If you’re trying to decide between our Quarter Kit Pro and Quarter Kit UVR Pro products, it may interest you to learn that the Quarter Kit UVR Pro allows for a wider range of colours. Of course, the UVR Pro kit is also UV colour stable, so there’s no need to worry about the resin fading in colour either. Complete with a lifetime colour lock guarantee, Quarter Kit UVR Pro looks as good as it did from day one for longer.

Learn more about Quarter Kit UVR

Learn more about Quarter Kit UVR Pro

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As the nation’s leading trade supplier of quality resin bound surfacing materials, we also have a purpose built resin bound training academy that is devoted to educating and benchmarking high performance standards in the resin surfacing industry. From resins to aggregates, to specialist resin tools and equipment, The Resin Mill has got it covered.

Contact us on 01484 400 855 or get in touch online for more information on our high quality resin materials, next day delivery, and much more.

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