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Crack Reduction Membrane

crack reduction membrane

Cracks can ruin a resin driveway. But there is a way to help prevent them from happening –­ our Crack Reduction Membrane is a reinforcement system designed specifically to reduce the likelihood of cracks appearing in a resin bound driveway.

When cracks do appear in resin driveways, it’s normally a result of issues with the base. Resin bound surfaces can withstand a certain amount of movement, but they still require a solid base.

Any cracks in the base layer can cause stress points in the resin bound surface, where new cracks can form. These cracks in the resin bound tend to follow the path of the cracks in the sub-base, and this is therefore known as ‘reflective cracking.’

A similar thing can happen at the joints where a new base meets an existing one – a common issue to overcome when a homeowner is extending the driveway size. This is known as ‘joint reflective cracking.’

Our Crack Reduction Membrane is a simple solution that significantly reduces the likelihood of cracks appearing in the resin bound surface. It has been designed to easily integrate into any resin bound installation by laying over the top of the base before the resin bound surface is applied.

The Crack Reduction Membrane is manufactured from high-strength glass fibres with a specially formulated protective polymer coating. Despite its robustness, the membrane is very flexible and easy to install.

It’s ideal for installing over tarmac or concrete bases, or even in situations where two different types of base are being used.

Since tarmac and concrete have different thermal expansions to resin bound, the Crack Reduction Membrane allows the base to expand and contract without causing cracks to show in the resin bound surface.

While cracks in a resin driveway can be repaired, prevention is almost always better than cure when it comes to resin bound installations.

Add our Crack Reduction Membrane to your next order for extra peace of mind that your customers’ resin driveways will continue to look great for many years to come. Or take a look at our range of quality resins, aggregates, or various other products that are in stock and ready for next-day delivery.

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