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Is resin cheaper than block paving?

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England’s first solid concrete block patent was granted way back in 1832, making block paving one of the most popular choices for driveways, patios, courtyards, pavements, town centres, and road surfacing projects in Britain.

What’s more expensive resin or block paving?

However, thanks to advances in surfacing material development in recent years, Resin Bound and Resin Bonded surfaces have become the go to option for perceptive driveway installers, housing developers, landscaping companies, architects, and homeowners. This is largely due to the fact that block paving prices can vary dramatically, whilst resin provides much better consistency in its pricing. Overall, resin surfaces work out cheaper in the long run too, as they’re virtually maintenance free in comparison to high maintenance block paving that needs regular weeding and power washing to keep it looking at its very best.

So, which is better block paving or resin?

Costing appreciably less than block paving, and incredibly low maintenance, here are four more reasons to consider a resin surface over paving.

1. A resin driveway is easier and quicker to install

On average, block paving takes around 5-7 working days to install, whereas a resin driveway can be ready to use in as little as 24 hours of it being laid. So, you could install 5 resin driveways in the same time it takes to install one paved driveway!

RAL colour chart

2. UV resistant driveway materials with a wider colour spectrum

Although block paving is often chosen for its wide range of design possibilities, it requires at least 2 coats of brick paving sealant applied to protect it from UV colour fading – otherwise loss of colour can occur in as little as 5 years. Furthermore, UV sealant for block paving needs to be reapplied around every 2 years to adequately retain its colour. UV colour stable resin eliminates all of these issues, whilst providing homeowners with a much wider choice of resin colours to create a new driveway, patio, pathway, etc that’s as unique as they are. Combined with our superior Resin Bound UVR Pro lifetime colour lock guarantee, you can put your absolute trust in our UV stabilised resin to look its very best for years to come.

3. SUDS compliant surfaces

Although permeable block paving is available, troublesome drainage issues can occur if block paving hasn’t been laid correctly or joints get blocked by detritus which can lead to puddles on the surface. If you want to avoid this, SUDS compliant resin bound surfacing holds the solution. Short for ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage System’, surfaces that comply with SuDs standards are absorbent and allow water to drain freely through the surface to direct it away into a suitable filtration system. For this reason, quality resin bound surfacing products (like ours!) tick all the boxes for those seeking environmentally friendly ‘eco paving’ and sustainable drainage systems that last.

4. Best anti slip surface

Block paving can become incredibly slippery when wet, especially if moss has started to grow across it. Resin-bound gravel provides outstanding anti-slip qualities, so protecting your family from dangerous slips at home is easy with our ResinBound UVR Pro solution as it delivers slip resistance well above current requirements.
Considering the latest work safety statistics show that 37% of all reported workplace injuries were as a result of a slip, trip or fall, with 28% of all fatalities in the workplace being caused by a slip, trip or fall, it’s not hard to see why the popularity of resin bound surfaces is steadily increasing in a variety of workplaces as one of the safest surfacing options around.

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Resin driveway vs block paving

/ Resin Block paving
Lifetime colour lock guarantee
Slip resistance
SUDS compliant
UV resistance
Weed resistant
Frost resistant
Low maintenance
Quick installation

Farmhouse Gold Resin Mill Drive

Best Resin Bound driveway materials UK

As industry-leading resin bound driveway and resin paving suppliers, we also install driveways for homeowners across Britain via our sister company Moli. Expertly designing and installing beautiful resin driveways, paths, patios, and more, transforming your outdoor space is a piece of cake thanks to their innovative online driveway design visualiser. Available in a selection of colours to suit even the most discerning of tastes, choose from a charming collection of urban, traditional, modern, contemporary, natural, and bold aggregates to create your dream driveway.

As one of the UK’s leading provides of resin driveways, pathways, and patios, choose Moli for all your domestic resin surfacing needs. Contact them for a free, no-obligation quote or give them a call on 0300 303 0048 to learn more.

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